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At Third Coast Spice Café our menu draws inspiration from every corner of this big blue marble that we all call home. We offer considerate portions of the foods that you love, made from scratch with wholesome ingredients. We give you fresh food, cooked in a thoughtful, healthful way. We do our best to find local products, organic products, and minimally processed foods. We also realize that in modern life, everyone has their own individual diet preferences-- some based on choice, some on necessity for health reasons. Our customers may be vegan, vegetarian, gluten intolerant, allergic, or just folks who want to eat or avoid more of a particular food or food group. We realize that expectations are changing and eating habits are evolving. Our café provides an option for almost everyone. We try with diligence to accommodate as many people as possible. Third Coast Spice Café is not necessarily a “health food” restaurant. It is simply an evolution of a beloved restaurant style. We are elevating the classic diner to fit the 21st century lifestyle. We make food that you can feel good about feeding to your family, cooked skillfully by people who understand food and care about serving products with integrity. Most importantly, we care about the people who we are cooking for—our customers. This is your café, the new American diner.

Open Daily 6am to 3pm

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